Gene is a fantastic and incredibly knowledgeable trainer. Whether it’s pet dogs or working dogs, he’s guaranteed to help you and your dog. He’s incredibly well researched, and understands the science and data behind training better than anyone I’ve known. He takes a great deal of pride and effort, not just in solving problems, but in educating owners. I highly recommend him.
Extremely knowledgeable trainer that will take you and your dog to the highest potential. Great clarity in communication will make him training effective and further enhance your relationship with your dog by using your dog’s innate motivation and social desires
We have worked with Gene to train two of our dogs with very favorable results. Gene uses a logical, science-based approach when instructing dogs and their owners. Through years of careful observation, he has developed a profound insight of the canine thought process and carefully balances rewards and corrections to yield any desired behavior. Gene loves dogs and enjoys interacting with them immensely. As a result, dogs are eager to work with him and they respond quickly to his instructions. Gene is very approachable and will adapt his teaching style to you and your dog’s needs. I will be using Gene on an ongoing basis and would highly recommend him to others.

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